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We train your dog to be a better best friend.

Over thirty years of experience gives you over thirty reasons to choose us to train your best friend.

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Through specialized and expert dog training,
we bring joy to you and you dog.


Schedule an initial consultation in order to find out about your needs, evaluate and design a customized training program for your dog.
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Dogs enrolled in our training programs stay in our facility between two and five weeks. During this time, they are exposed to different facets of training, places and situations . When finished, we set up times for sessions at your home to ensure that your dog does perform for you as well.


Our customized programs include free refresher training for your dog. Should you wish to go on vacation or need to be out of town and can't take your dog along, we offer a convenient boarding service during which your dog will also get refresher training.

Puppy Management

This training consists in offering an early stimulation in order to obtain confidence through socialization with other dogs and people.

Common puppy issues such as chewing, play biting, jumping, house breaking, amongst others, receive special attention. The purpose of this program is to solve existing problems and prevent others from happening. If not addressed early enough, these are difficult and expensive to correct in an older dog.

Puppies may start as early as ten weeks of age.


Practical and effective obedience commands are given by voice and/or hand signals. The dog will be taught to respond even around major distractions.

You, the owner, will receive a theoretical and practical handler course to achieve full responsiveness from your dog. This mental exercise is as important as the physical exercise which ensures the correct development of your dog into a stable companion.

Dogs over four months qualify. No dog is too old!


Upon evaluating the potential of your dog as a protective dog and the level of protection desired, we can select the proper training.

Protection training can range from Security Alert(bold letters), consisting in start and stop barking aggressively on command; Personal Protection(bold letters) which includes biting (start/stop and desist on command), to Companion Protection (bold letters)(Police K9 training style), including open field searching, building searching, and muzzle attack.

We will customize a program for your needs in personal and property protection.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification can be done simultaneously with obedience when specific problems are detected. Chronic behavioral issues fall in this category and require professional attention.

We can correct different behavior problems such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, digging, fighting, biting or snapping, getting into garbage, jumping on the bed or furniture.

Castaneda's Pro K9 is trusted by both dog owners and dog trainers alike.

Pro K9 International is a transnational dog training company dedicated to provide professional dog training service so as a vocational Institute for dog trainers in all aspects.

Our operating headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida, while we are expanding creating satelites schools in other cities worldwide, starting with Lima, Dubai and Dresden.

  • Miami, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Miami, USA
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Lead by Mr. Orlando Castaneda, founder of Dog Star Productions, Absolute K9 Academy and Zwinger von Wittenberge. Mr. Castaneda has been Director of Training of these four organizations since 1985, is extremely qualified and recognized in his profession as one of the premier dog trainers in the world today.

Some of Mr. Castaneda accomplishments include:

  • Founder and General Manager of Dog Star Productions, Hollywood, CA. Trained dogs for different celebrities as Sharon Stone, John Fogerty, Chuck Norris (Top Dog) Jeremy Williams, Mitch Richmond and others.
  • Degree in Humanities obtained at Universidad de Lima.
  • Diploma in Orientation and Mobility obtained at University of San Francisco.
  • Dogs of War Instructor of the Peruvian Air Force Elite Team.
  • Certified Police Dog Instructor and Trainer Lic. PDO 200.
  • Guide Dog for the Blind Instructor from Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, CA.
  • Founder and Director of training of the Loxahatchee Schutzhund Club.
  • Special anti-narcotics and anti-explosives detection instructor for different agencies including the Mexican Federal Police.
  • Owner of Zwinger von Wittenberge, as German Sheperd breeder, has accomplish several times best Kennel group in Florida and in the South Eastern region.
  • Expert witness of canine cases.
  • Has personally trained over 8,000 dogs.
  • Animal behavior specialist and experienced kennel manager.
  • Consultant for different TV animal programs including Telemundo, Animal Planet, Fox Channel.

Hundreds of dog trainers have upgraded their careers at Pro K9 International Institute.

Become a Pro K9 Alumni.

We specialize in teaching future dog trainers the different aspects of this exciting career. At Pro K9 International Institute we are proud of our graduates, many of which have come from different parts of the world, distinguishing our school as one of the most recognized in the eastern United States and other parts of the world. The Institute is lead by his founder, Mr. Orlando Castaneda, director and administrator.

Our students are exposed to an extensive and meticulous designed syllabus including theory and practice, covering a vast variety of topics and teaching innovative methods of training as well as the latest techniques in dog training.

At Pro K9 International Institute we are always willing to assist you in every way we can.

Call us today at (941) 600-7845.

We share your passion for dog training and we want to share our success with you.


In Pro-K9 we specialize in IPO-Schuzhund training, for both Show Ring Preparation and Breed Survey (Korung) preparation.

Schutzhund is a German word meaning “Protection Dog.” The concept refers to a sport that includes tracking, obedience and protection.

IPO-Schuzhund started in Germany, was develop by a man named Stephanitz who was very active in the development of the German Shepherd.

This type of training is not limited for German Shepherd Dogs only. IPO-Schuzhund has three different levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, being IPO 3 the highest training.

Your dog must pass a BH test (which is now a title as well), which consist in a good portion of the IPO1 program. The dog is also checked for character and stability. The BH is a prerequisite to the next level of IPO.

Orlando Castaneda has a vast experience in this field. At Pro-k9 International we will be happy to evaluate your dog for IPO-Schuzhund training.

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